On-Demand Printing

Our digital press uses a roll to roll print format. Which means that raw materials arrive on a master roll which can be cut to any desired length. We do recommend that prints remain under a 20 foot length for packaging and shipping purposes.

The press is capable of producing prints up to 1,800 Dots Per Inch (DPI). Most partners find a print resolution of 300 - 600 DPI makes the cut. Keep in mind the larger the print size the larger the DPI, or resolution, should be to maintain the integrity of your finished product.


Wrapping Paper

We print on a premium 80# white matte paper and we also offer a natural kraft paper option (pictured).


We are able to print on a large array of banner materials ranging from 100% to 0% transparency. We will work with you to source the perfect material. If we don't have it, we will find it.

  • Matte Mode

    Matte printing is our most popular. Our partners choose to print in matte for its ability to hide imperfections.

  • Gloss Mode

    Gloss mode creates a highly reflective surface where the ink glistens.


Rigid Substrates

At this time we are unable to process and print on rigid surfaces. If you are interested in creating a rigid product, let us know.

Printed Width

The width of our press limits the total width of a print to 62 inches wide or 5.166 feet. All prints can be rotated to accommodate larger widths as long as the total height of the finished print also does not exceed 62 inches.

Metallic Inks

Our press uses CMYK inks. We are able to match virtually any color, however we are unable to produce a metallic ink. We can source metallic substrates that can be printed on. In these cases the metallic portion of your print would be in the negative space of your design.

CNC Cutouts

Our process includes a press that prints on flat, flexible substrates in a roll to roll format. Each piece that comes off the press is sent through a slitter that cuts straight lines. We can produce a product with cut lines for a CNC machine and can work with another vendor to achieve your vision, but do not have a cnc cutter in-house.

Something else?

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