Vendor Relations

We are proud to say we have great relationships with our vendors right here in the United States and in most cases source raw materials directly from the factory.

This means we can pass cost savings onto you to keep your product and your price competative.

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How Pricing Works

What Determines My Price

Choose Your Substrate

Since we have no order minimums your price point will first start with the substrate you choose. Sorry, no bulk discounts.

Choose Your Packaging

We will source packaging for you and that will be added to the total cost per item. In most cases, basic packaging is built into the initial cost provided.

Basic Packaging - Included:
Cardboard Box
Silicone Sleeve
Copy Paper Instructions

Enhanced Packaging:
Enhance our basic packaging
Add customized stickers
Customized Inserts
And more!

If you would like to source your own packaging, please contact us.

Add Extras

You are the owner of your product and your brand. Any extras will be built into the cost of your final product.

Extras include anything not included in our basic packaging. Our basic packaging can be found under the "Choose Your Packaging" drop-down.

Your Responsibility

We ask that all designs come to us finished, however if you do need help with a design project, we have a design team on staff to help with your design needs.

We will provide the digital image requirements for your project and ask that all files meet our specifications.

Design requests require a 50% deposit to start design work. Digital proofs provided.

I Need Design Help